CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara First Impression

4 years ago

You are beautiful! You know that, right?!?! You are unique, beautiful, one-of-a-kind, strong, smart and wonderful! Think about it! We all need "pick me ups" every so often!

I hope you are having an amazing day so far. My 3 year old daughter had a fever this morning when she woke up. Half way through my first cup of coffee, she threw up on herself. Sooooo, after calling the pediatricians office and finding out that they are double booked and can`t get her in until tomorrow even though she is coughing worse than a 90 year old smoker with COPD-I decided to be grateful that at least while she is sick, she will be laying around, calmly, and sleeping most of the day. So what`s a mom to do? The 3 year old is conked out on the couch, and the 1 year old is watching cartoons. So of course, I tuned in to my favorite YouTube channels. Holy smokes! People are really raving about the new Clump Crusher mascara from CoverGirl. Since I am not going anywhere today, why not play with some new make up products!?!? I finally got to play around with my new Wet N` Wild trio (not sure how I feel about it yet), and of course, I tried out the Clump Crusher. So a little snack about me--I have really long lashes. Sure, I get a lot of compliments, but I also don`t always feel like assulting my eyeballs everyday and wearing contacts, so I wear my glasses. Guess what?! I also have stubborn lashes that WILL NOT CURL! So wearing glasses while wearing mascara is more irritating than my toddler on a road trip! Every time I blink or move my eyes, my lashes hit the lenses of my glasses. *SCREAM* Alright, so swish that around in your mouth a little bit and let me say this, I am not looking for a mascara the lengthens my lashes, although I do enjoy a mascara that separates and really thickens my lashes. I LOVE dark, thick, dramatic lashes.
Whew! Did you get any of that? I ramble. Especially when I am tired....which is all the time. Did I mention I have two kids? :|

Alright, first impression. The brush is great. Its rubber, which kind of gets me going. I LOVE rubber mascara brushes. They just really work for me. Anyways, I am not one to layer and layer mascara on. One coat and I am done. Its just not a battle I want to pick. So, for the sake of makeup lovers everyone, and the 5 people that may actually read this before buying the new Clump Crusher mascara, I LAYERED BABY! Oh man, I didn`t just do one coat. Not two coats, but THREE coats of mascara! And guess what? No clumps!!!!!!!!!!! My lashes did stick together a little bit, but nothing a comb didn`t fix. I need to use this mascara a few more times to really get a good feel for it, but for my first impression? I like it. I am pleased with the thickness it gave me, and so far, it has lived up to its name. I am a fan of the brush, the brush size and the brand. CoverGirl mascaras are my favorite. They always seem to work great for me!

**Sorry about the poor lighting in the pictures. All I really wanted to do was show my lashes so I wasn`t too concerned with camera settings etc.

What do you think? Have you tried this mascara yet? Did it work for you? What is your favorite mascara?

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