CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara

4 years ago

After hearing rave review after rave review on this Cover Girl mascara, I had to try it out for myself. I`m a sucker like that! HA! I can only stand it so long before I have to put it to the test on my lashes. This is the, quite popular, Cover Girl Clump Crusher mascara. It is a relatively new product to hit the drugstore shelves. I`ve never been a big fan of Cover Girl mascaras, but the fact that this one had some lofty claims intrigued me. I, initially, tried to get it from Target. The stock was nearly wiped clean! They had the brown-black or black-brown available, but I wanted to get a rich, deep black so I skipped buying it there. I ended up finding it at a Meijer store (in the color Very Black). I almost walked right by it! It wasn`t in a large, noticeable display. It was sort of pushed off to the side. The only reason I even found it was because I was scouting out the newest Maybelline Color Tattoos. I can`t recall the exact price, but I want to say it was cheaper than Target. For some reason $7.99 sounds right, but don`t quote me. The wand on this mascara is a bit different and unique to others on the market. It is a rubber style bristle, which I will admit isn`t my favorite, typically. Also, the brush sways or scoops down. But, it doesn`t really curve a lot at the top. This really does help to push the top lashes up as well as fitting into the corners of the eye. I don`t have large eyes, and I found this easily fit around my lashes. I didn`t feel like there were any that I couldn`t reach. Let`s talk about the curl factor, because I know that is a huge deal with lashes. I, personally, don`t feel that this mascara curls lashes. However, if you curl your lashes first and then apply a coat of this, I do think it holds the curl nicely, and because of the shape, won`t pull out the curl as you swipe on the product. The way that I applied this mascara was to first curl my lashes, then apply a single coat to the top lashes. Immediately after finishing one coat to the top, I`d use what is still remaining on the wand to coat the bottom lashes. At this point, I do dip the wand back into the tube and proceed to apply a second coat to the top lashes. I found this to be the perfect time between coats. It was enough to let the first coat set up, but not enough to allow it to completely dry. If I do let the first coat completely dry, it doesn`t look as nice and fluttery. The major claim on this mascara is that it won`t create clumpy, spidery lashes. Did I find that to be true? YES! It had the ability to really grab and evenly coat the lashes, but even as I layered it, it didn`t get clumpy. I am not a fan of spider lashes (to each her own, right?), and it seemed that no matter how much I tried to build it up (within reason, obviously), it just didn`t look like lashes were joining forces and turning into a total of 5 lashes around my eye. It was amazing! I noticed that it really opened up my eyes and even, sort of, lined my eyes. What I mean by that, is it was nice and full at the base of each lash, creating a darkened liner-like effect, but then splayed out at the tips. I am very impressed! While I am not a big Cover Girl mascara fan, this particular one has 100% won me over. I will be repurchasing it again in the future. I highly recommend everyone check it out, especially for those who usually don`t buy Cover Girl.
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