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Ive come to realize that my breakouts arent related to what kind of makeup I wear, how much oil is on my face, if I dont wash it enoughits actually a totally different cause- irritation! I have very sensitive skin, so when my skin gets irritated, it goes nuts and breaks out and gets very splotchy. I found that using very gentle products helps to keep my skin under control, and this is one of my favorite cleansers to do that with.

This light, foaming cleanser melts makeup off in seconds and it feels fantastic. Its super gentle, you can use it right on your eyes and it wont sting. Its made by CoverFX which holds a great philosophy of being a skin-friendly cosmetic company, and all of their products are super friendly to sensitive skin. This one is SO friendly in fact, you dont have to rinse with water afterwards (I still do- but that would be great for camping, long road trips, after the gym, etc. etc.) Watch it melt away my makeup in the video below!

This cleanser isnt the best at removing waterproof eye makeup, so that would be the once exception to it being the perfect all-in-one cleanser. I either use a bit more foam after Ive cleansed my face, or I use an oil-based eye makeup remover beforehand.

Price: $28 USD / $24 CDN
Availability: Sephora, Shoppers Drug Mart & other Drugstores
Overall: A great makeup remover for sensitive skin. Water is optional, but I choose to rinse afterwards. May take a couple cleanses to remove waterproof eye makeup though.
Rating: A

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