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So today I am back again for another review on two products which I have been using for the past couple of months now. So the products reviewed today are by collection 2000 and Revlon:) So both are different types of products, the collection 2000 cover up stick is mainly used to cover up any blemishes on the face e.g. Acne scarring, pimples etc, whilst the revlon is a concealer which I mainly use only on my under eye circles. So with the cover up stick I do however also use this as a concealer on my under eye circles as this does wanders and really helped alot. So here is a review on what I Like and disliked about each product.

1) Collection 2000- Cover up stick (Natural beige)- @boots store UK: I have always had some sort of marks pop up on my face now and again and tend to have under eye circles from time to time usually when I am really tired and is sometimes noticeable, so at this point I had been looking for a product to help banish my imperfections and decided to choose 2 types of products to help beat this. I was going pass the collection 2000 products and spotted a few concealers which I thought might actually help me but then the cover up stick caught my eye, it was less expensive I believe it was around £1.99 I am not exactly sure but it was less expensive and when I tested this product in store the texture was amazing on the skin, It literally hid my imperfections and was amazing on the under eye circles and and you could not even tell I had any under eye problems. So bought this product and tried it properly and the results was great. I loved the texture of the cover up stick, it does not have that liquid texture, and blends very well on the skin. The color (natural beige) is perfect for my skin color and also perfect for oily skin and you can`t even notice I have this product on and acts very natural on the skin and also stays on for long hours. Works wanders after setting this with pressed powder:) soo....the negative side of this cover up stick by collection 2000 is that you do have to dab on quite a bit particularly on the under eye circles as the texture is quite hard as it is not in liquid form but aside form that its a great product for me and I rate this product 10/10 :)

2) Revlon PhotoReady- Concealer (Medium) @boots store UK: So with this product I also bought this on the same day as when I bought my cover up stick mainly because It was on special offer and thought maybe I could give it a try, although the price right now is within the pricey side-currently priced at £6.49. So bought this item and tested it right away. It does have that light creamy based texture and is very easy to glide on the skin. With the creamy texture for me personally I find it harder to blend more than the cover stick due to the texture. In terms of its color, I bought this in Medium coverage and the color was I believe the darkest shade amongst the products but was still a bit to light for me, but It did mention that it was designed to give that high definition effect on the skin. This product does blend very well on the skin and very easy to apply, and looks very natural on my skin after touch ups. I would say this is perfect for girls out there who have sensitive and dry skin particularly within the facial area as this does blend very well and its very creamy so it does great on the skin, however I have oily skin and sometimes product does not stay on quite long. But I have heard this product does stay for long hours on some people, but I guess it depends on the skin combination:) sooo, downside of this product was that because of my oily skin I do have to touch up now and again, it was hard to blend this on my darker marks on my face and only works under my eye circles. Aside from that, this product is worth to use and I rate this product 9.5/10 :)

My tip on using these products:
So when I use this product to help with my imperfections and under eye circles, after applying lotion and primer on the face I would apply both cover up stick and concealer on my under eye circles only (I tend to put half and half and blend out) as I don`t want it to look to cakey and look less natural and reason for this is because it gives a great color combination since my revlon concealer shade was a bit to light I decided to blend this with my cover up stick as this gave me a wonderful coverage plus it brightened my eye alot more. I would also mainly apply cover up stick on my darker marks. To apply the concealer and cover up stick on the area I usually do a dabbing motion as this helps to blend the product on the skin very well.

After placing both products I then apply foundation on top of this product (you can choose to do which ever way you want e.g. Foundation first then concealer it doesn`t really matter I am just used to applying concealer before foundation lol) I then use my pressed powder to set everything up and it works wanders:) very easy and simple and best products so far:)

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