Cousin`s School Present- Ipad 3 + Decor

4 years ago

So since my little *i really do mean little she`s only 5* cousin is starting kindergarten her dad felt that she needed to learn her ABC, colors, and more from app games like ABC mouse, etc. She really does love her Ipad dearly *not kidding she has it around with her everywhere now*, and she allowed me to take pictures of it to show you guys :) . I really don`t think it`s necessary for her to get an IPad, but hey it`s her dad`s gift to her so who am I to have a word in it? It costed 600 dollars before tax which I don`t think is too bad since she did get the 32gb one. I`m sure this will last her years and years until she grows old :P This year they also gave out a 50$ apple card as well so that`s great for those who loves music to purchase from ITunes, etc.! :) I really do like it preferred to the Ipad 2 since it`s less bulky and more slender. I`ve also noticed that this loads a little faster. The only thing that I would have to say to my distaste is that the back is silver. I don`t understand why they didn`t make the whole iPad white since in my opinion looks classier, but she did get a case to cover the back so I don`t find that a huge issue.
If you went into the Apple store they had these cases that were sold. My cousin really loves the color pink so we went ahead and got her the pink case. It`s quite sturdy and as well cute. Its quite simple and just has an Apple logo on the back of the case. This was 50$ which is quite a lot but it will be quite necessary since it will be more protected with a case. They had many different other colors in the same case as well if you are interested in purchasing one yourself. Its a pretty standard case actually and nothing too special, but I guess you are paying for the name of the case rather than how great the quality is.

I`m actually happy for her to have this in the end since you could see the happiness in her eyes when she got it. She`s been learning her ABC`s from the mouse :P!

<Strong> Do you own an IPad 3? What IPad do you have? What case do you have? Comment down below :)<Strong>

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