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3 years ago

Walmart Coupon Haul
As of late, Ive really started to get into couponing its a great way to save some money on items I was going to buy anyways!
I had a few items I had been meaning to purchase, so I headed to my local Walmart to grab some essentials. I love going to Walmart for coupon purchases since they have the best policy they will price match based on competitors and still accept coupons on top of that! And they usually have very competitive pricing anyways.
First, I was looking to get a box of Puff tissues since I have had a bit of a sniffly nose lately. Ive never really had allergies, but it doesnt feel like a cold, so maybe Im developing some? Anyways, I normally use the regular bargain tissues, but when Im sick or sniffly, I splurge on a box of Puffs since they really do help keep my nose from getting red and irritated! I had a coupon for 50 cents off any Puffs product, and while it may not seem like much, it adds up!
Next, I needed some new razors. I like the Venus ones, and had a coupon for 2 dollars off any Venus disposables pack. They had a few different options for the disposables, but these were the only ones on sale. With the coupon, they came up to around 4 dollars for the pack of 3 not to shabby!
Next up is deodorant! I recently broke my deodorant after tossing it in my gym bag it became a big crumbly mess, so it was time for a new one. I had a buy one, get one coupon for Dove deodorant, so I picked up my usual one in the cucumber scent, but also decided to try a new one the Clear Tone deodorant is supposed to help with any discolouration that you can get from shaving. With the coupon, both were under 3 dollars.
I was also looking to get some facial wipes for travelling. I have a few summer weekend trips planned, and these are much easier to pack than a tube of face wash that may make a mess in my overnight bag! I normally get the pre-moistened ones, but I had a coupon for the Olay Daily Facials, and decided to give them a try. Sometimes, you dont get coupons for exactly the product you want, so you have to improvise! I normally dont buy these since they are a little more expensive than my usual pre-moistened wipes, but with the coupon, I was able to come in at under what I usually pay.
Next, I hit the make-up section armed with my Maybelline coupons. I get some great coupons from, and they are usually for their newer products. I love trying out new make-up products and the coupons help me save some money! I needed a new mascara, and I had a coupon for the new Rocket Mascara, so I was willing to try it out. This was a few weeks ago, so they have since added a coupon for the new Big Eyes mascara instead.
I also had a coupon for the new Color Whisper lip color, and this was probably the most expensive item that I bought! This was also the one item I considered skipping since it was normally priced around 7 dollars and I had a coupon for a dollar off. I know I dont really need a new lipstick/lip balm, but after hearing such great reviews about it, I decided to just go for it and treat myself!
Ill let you all know how some of the new items Im trying worked out for me!
What did you think of my haul? Any items you like or have already tried? Any items you are looking to try soon?

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