Could Frozen chocolate cake be nice?

5 years ago

Hey luuuxers

So this doesn`t look so great ay?
it didn`t cost that much either $6 on sale, normally i believe it`s about $8! that`s pretty cheap.
The picture obviously looks nicer, the actual frozen prodcut MIGHT look like that if it was defrost, but i cant wait til it defrosts, i just EAT IT

I was VERY VERY VERY VERY VEERRRRYYY surprised as to how nice this really is! i mean i was skeptical! a frozen cake can`t be that nice!? it`s not an ice cream cake either, but it`s nice, the chocolate isn`t overly rich, but yet just enough to hit the spot, it`s also not overly creamy so i love that. the side and th bottom is just a layer of crunchy biscuit!

Have you ever tried something like this? maybe not this particular brand or flavour, but a frozen type of cake ?

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