Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder (review)

5 years ago

I bought this Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder (in translucent) a while back because of a youtube video I watched by Msgoldgirl (I think is her user name). She seemed to really like it and it made me look up more reviews on it. Most were pretty good. Then, when I saw it in the store I picked it up.

Coty face powders have been around since 1935. They used to come in a cardboard sort of packaging. Now they have made the switch to plastic. I never had one of the cardboard, so I cannot comment on the transition being for the better or worse. However, I know a lot of people who are familiar with buying them in the old containers preferred them.

You get a really good amount of product. There is 2.3 oz/65 grams in this tub. It will run you about $5.00-$8.00 USD. You can find these at places like Target, Walgreens, CVS, Meijer, etc.

The container says you can use this as a foundation or to set your makeup. I use it to set my foundations or if I`m having a good skin day and have just needed some concealer for a few spots, I`ll dust this over my entire face to both set the concealer but also to help mattify my face for the day. It is silky smooth and so incredibly fine. I find it never makes me look cakey or overly powdered.

This powder does come with a puff that I do like to use. It is soft and fluffy. It certainly isn`t of the highest quality, but it does the job and is nice enough. I don`t swipe it on, I just use the puff to pat the powder into place. I have used a large, fluffy brush which also works nicely but since the puff is still new and working well, I just use it.

The sifter does have rather large holes for the product to filter through, however, I tend to have the puff pressed against it when closed so nothing has spilled out yet. Now, I think if you were to travel you`d want to cover the holes with something to seal them or transfer some of the product into a smaller travel jar.

This next area is one that you will be put off by or it won`t bother you in the least. Scent. This powder DOES have a strong fragrance to it. It is rose scented and quite heavily. I, personally, don`t mind the smell. It does seem kind of granny-ish, but for a vintage feeling product I think it is appropriate. LOL! If you are sensitive to fragrance I think this one will drive you nuts and irritate your nose. I can smell it the entire time I am applying it and for a couple of moments after. It does go away, but while you smell it.. you REALLY smell it.

This is a product that I know I`ll repurchase. I won`t need to for quite some time, though, because of how little you need to use and how much product you get.


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