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Cotton Candy Milkshake= lt3

*The picture isn`t mine, but I wish it was ;)*
Picture this, a big bright blue milkshake that tastes sooooo sweet because it`s flavor is cotton candy. Well thats what I was picturing all day in school. Down the street from me is an ice cream place called BOARDWALK ICE CREAM and it has the best milkshakes ever. Every time I go there I get the small Cotton Candy milkshake. Its only $3.00 and the small size is about as big as an extra large drink from Mc Donald`s and it is just amazing. I usually don`t finish my milkshake all at once because of it`s size so I put it in the freezer and eat it later as if it were just regular cotton candy ice cream. If you have never tried a cotton candy milkshake you should because it is amazing :)

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