Cotton candy!

5 years ago

Hello luuuxers!
Everytime I go to a fair there one thing that I can`t miss, and it is Cotton Candy! I absolutely love it! the sugary taste, the way it melts in my mouth! the fun on eating it with a friend or with my boyfriend... The happy memory from when I was a child and my parents used to say to me, ok, only today! it is bad for your teeth! haha!
I went with my boyfriend by the christmas time to a fair on a village on a castle here in portugal and I ate a cotton candy and since then I`m thinking on getting a machine for me, I have been searching on the internet and I know there are little cotton candy machines for home use... I think I would love to have one, and I would absolutely use it many times!
And what about you? Do you like cotton candy? Would you like to have a cotton candy machine for you? =)
let me know!
picture from sourcelink, text is mine =)

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