Costco Rotisserie Chicken

4 years ago

this chicken was part of my dinner tonight. it`s a quick meal solution especially when our fridge is rather empty and my mom doesn`t have any meal ideas. my dad was headed to costco after work anyways so it wasn`t a big deal for him to swing by the deli section and pick up one of these chickens. normally, we`d go to our nearby grocery store but since my dad was stopping in at costco anyways, we just decided to give their chicken a try for the first time.

first impression: THIS THING IS HUGE. my dad`s the only man in the house and there is no way our family of four could finish this in a sitting. maybe if we had two teenage boys, but just maybe lol

the chicken itself was really good. it was very juicy, which i love. however, it was also on the salty side. my dad is really sensitive to saltiness so he didn`t like it too much, but i still think it`s way better than fried chicken.

i think we might get this again, but it all depends. since these chickens taste better fresh, we`d rather get the smaller chicken from the grocery store that we can finish in one sitting instead of having half a chicken taking a bunch of space in the fridge.

have you tried rotisserie chicken from costco or even from your grocery store?

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