Costco Lunch

5 years ago

Hey luuuxers

Us Australians here are still going crazy over our Costco, we haven`t quite gotten over it as yet. lol

I guess we`re at awe over the large bulk packaging for everything. But i like their food. it`s so cheap compared to everything else we have here. i mean our maccas meals are about $8.

So my husband and i have been enjoying meals at Costco because it`s so inexpensive. We got the pizza for only $3, but it`s HUGE, it`s the size of my head. lol I love their chicken Caesar salad and that costs a bit more at $7.50 or so. But it`s definitely worth it.

How healthy is this? i`m not too sure, probably not at all. But that`s ok because i`m not expecting to eat this and not have to work it off.

Do you guys have the same Costco foods?
Do you enjoy Costco food?

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