Costco Borghese Professional Brush Set

5 years ago

I received the Costco Kirkland Signature brushes as a Christmas gift two years ago and I`ve been loving them since. Last year, I saw a new Costco brush set while I was visiting my parents in Atlanta. This time, Costco has partnered up with Borghese and put out a 10-piece brush set. Although I thought they were nice, I passed. The truth is, I have way too many brushes.

So I was surprised when my mom sent me a package in the mail last week that included a set of these. I have to say, the selection of brushes is awesome and the quality is quite good. I believe this set retails for $24.99. For the price, you get:

- #100 Powder Kabuki Brush (natural bristles)
- #101 Angled Contour Brush (natural bristles)
- #102 Duo-Fiber Blending Brush (synthetic bristles)
- #104 Round Foundation Brush (synthetic bristles)
- #105 Concealer Brush (synthetic bristles)
- #200 Eye Powder Fluff Brush (natural bristles)
- #201 Eyeshadow Brush (natural bristles)
- #202 Angled Eye Contour Brush (natural bristles)
- #203 Domed Smudge Brush (natural bristles)
- #204 Angled Eye/Brow Brush (synthetic bristles)
- Cosmetic Brush Bag

So far, I have tried most of the brushes and I am impressed by the quality. I washed them all before using them and I experienced some shedding/bleeding from the brushes with natural bristles, but nothing too concerning.

Wide selection of brushes. This set would be good for anyone who doesn`t have a lot of brushes but it also is good for anyone who has a decent collection and is looking for more "advanced" brushes to supplement their collection
Great quality. The handles/ferrules are sturdy and solid and the brushes have a nice weight and feel to them. Each brush is labeled with the name on the handle, which is made of plastic but looks like the wooden handle on MAC brushes
Good for travel. The set comes with a travel case and the brushes fit perfectly and slimly into the travel case.
Budget friendly. As I mentioned, these were $24.99 at Costco and I think they were $29.99 online. If you do the math, that breaks down for less than $2.50-$3.00 per brush, not including the case!

This isn`t really a con but I don`t think the brushes are available on the Costco website anymore and not every Costco stocks them. So they can be difficult to track down.
Some bleeding/shedding during washing. Some of the brushes (the Powder Kabuki Brush) also shed a little when I was using them but this could be because they are still relatively new.

Overall, I love this set. I think it is higher quality and better overall than the brush set Costco put out 2 years ago. If you spot it at your local Costco, definitely pick it up!

I`ll be doing reviews/comparisons of some of the brushes in this set, since they remind me of brushes I already have in my collection. For instance, I`ve heard a lot of reviews saying that the Round Foundation Brush is very unique but its not - its almost an exact dupe of a dual-end Stila round foundation brush that I already have.

Have you seen or spotted this set? If you`ve picked it up, let me know what you think!


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