Cosmetology School Update: November

4 years ago

So I just finished my second month of cosmetology school and started my third! It`s nothing at all like I ever pictured it would be (in a bad way!), but oh well. I might do a vlog about it on my YouTube, so if any of my YT subbies on here are interested, let me know! Anyways, I have been collecting some pictures of some of the things I have done at school over the past month (only hair wise) that I`m actually semi-proud of. I have done tons of things that I thought looked good, but my phone sucks and has very low memory, and sometimes I was too busy to take one. But yeah! Just thought I would show you some of my work from November.

Photo 1) Pin Curls, dried and brushed out
Photo 2) Wrap-Around Braid w/ a Mini Bun (Angle #1)
Photo 3) Wrap-Around Braid w/ a Mini Bun (Angle #2)
Photo 4) Nine Section Perm
Photo 5) Bricklay Perm
Photo 6) Curvature Perm (Angle #1)
Photo 7) Curvature Perm (Angle #2)
Photo 8) Finger Waves
Photo 9) Dramatic Roller Set w/ Pin Curls BEFORE
Photo 10) Dramatic Roller Set w/ Pin Curls AFTER (Dried & Styled)
Photo 11) First attempt at Curls w/ a Hair Straightener

*Photos are MINE.

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