Cosmetology Class: Make your own hair mask

5 years ago

At school in my hairstyling and cosmetology class we were given an assignment where we had to create our own cosmetic products; whether it is a skin, hair or body product and of course, it has to be organic. So i decided to go for a hair mask because in the long run if this product turns out good i wanted to use it. I used pure organic coconut oil, egg, honey, and olive oil. All of these ingredient are very beneficial for the hair, it would be way to long for me to describe all the benefits and properties of these ingredient so if you are interested you can go Google these ingredients. :) I know it sounds gross, but its not, there are many other home-made remedies that works too and include many ingredient that you would never expect. So, we had to get people to try our product and give feedback, turns out my product was not bad. To be honest it does not smell all that good, and because it is made of organic ingredient it has a very short shelf life (couple of days) and must be kept refrigerated. it does made the hair softer and hydrated, but as i was making i notice that using COCONUT OIL ON ITS OWN is much more effective than combine all the other ingredient. So if you just want to rehydrate your hair just apply coconut oil and wash it off. Leave it in for 20-30 min.

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