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4 years ago

I needed some stuff before I went away so I got some stuff at priceline. I always get everything from them even if they aren`t on sale.
Okay so I bought new razors cause I just ran out. I really like the venus breeze. It doesn`t but you at all and it just glides on really well.
Fake eyelashes. I have never used them before but it`s my cousins wedding soon and I want to look good you know! Haha So I just got some cheapish natural looking eyelashes. Don`t want anything very heavy and dramatic. So I hope it goes on good.
White eyeliner. I sometimes watch makeup tutorials on youtube and one of my favourite makeup gurus is Michelle Phan. I like to follow her steps because she always looks stunning. And one of the products she uses is white eyeliner for highlighting the face (brow bone, eyes and even on the top lip). It actually works really good and it`s soo much cheaper then getting concealer or something. Lol sorry forgot the word I was going to say so i just typed concealer :.
Maybelline falsies. So many people posts and talk about this mascara. They say how good it is so I decided to try it myself. I`m not to sure about this one. It`s okay but it doesn`t hold my curls. It gives me length but that`s about it. Not a fan of this but I would still have it hanging around just in case. Ohh yeah plus it kinda clumps up if you put to many layers on :(
Well.. I don`t know if it`s my mascara or just my eyelash curler. Because I have a cheap one it doesn`t really keep a curl. So I decided to but a more expensive one. This one is only like $5 more but it far more better quality. I also find that it hold me curls more but not a lot more sadly.
Neutrogena oil free moisturizer (combination skin). I use pro active but everytime I use it for a while it makes parts of my skin really dry. I don`t know if it is actually the pro active or just lack of protien/vitamins. Well I stopped using their moisturizer and bought something else to see if that worked. I`m not quite sure if it helped my skin but I found that it doesn`t leave my skin shiny like the pro active one did. So that`s a plus.
And finally I got just some facial wax. For my eyebrows and upper lip. I really suck at waxing and I thought this would be far more easier but it`s not. I had trouble but all I did is practise I hope!

All this added up to be $90 something. It is a lot of money. I felt bad spending that much on just these products but you just gotta try heaps of brand to find the one that you love. Am I right or am I right? hahaha
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