Cosmetic necessities you might not already own

1. SUNBLOCK - This is the most important. As an esthetician, I know that sun damage and skin cancer is very real. Antioxidants are not going to save your skin. The fact is, prevention is the key and you need to protect your skin by using sunblock EVERY DAY.

2. POINTED TWEEZERS - Some hairs are trickier than others. Pointed tweezers grab a lot better than slanted tweezers and are a life saver when dealing with ingrown hairs.

3. SCRUB/EXFOLIANT - Want soft, supple skin? The answer is not just moisturizer. You need to exfoliate too, no matter your skin type. Not only will it slough off dead skin, but it will also help lessen the appearance of scars over time. The best way is dry brush. You can do this all over your body before showering and follow-up with an exfoliating product in the shower. For the face, I recommend a gentle facial scrub.

4. LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER - You probably damage your hair with bleaching and heating tools, then have some expensive hair treatment done, just to damage it again. Why? If dry/brittle/damaged hair is your complaint, you need to be caring for your hair as you go. Leave-in conditioner is your answer. Think of it as moisturizer for your hair and use it every day. Regular use will PREVENT split ends. Even better, use along with heat defense products.

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