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Usually I don`t share my experience with websites but I had a terrible experience with which is a Chinese website that sells every beauty product so I want to share my view because I wish I had read something like this when I was looking for informations in order to buy from them or not. The website is / main / main.html ? refCur = EUR

I want to clarify that I am now almost 5 years that I shop online purchase online, and most of the times I get good experiences and sometimes not very much. This time is the worst ever.

So as many of you, I spend too much time watching videos on YT and when I saw that an American tutorialist I think it`s called saaamage praised the wonderful properties of some face masks I decided I had to have them because she also speaks of preventing aging at 21 year old, I imagine that I am almost 30 what should I do ...

The brand so much vaunted is Leaders Clinic and the only website that I could find that sells it was just Cosme - from which I`d never bought because I understood to be Asian and imagined problems with customs ... never presentiment was more appropriate although in the past I have purchased from the United States and only a few times I had locked parcels from the custom .

One day I dropped my concerns and after writing at least 3 emails asking clarifications on the website at the link to contact them, I decided to place my order by spending 41 Euros . Who reads this experience can think that I was a naive but not I ask them to not writing about cosmetics pack and figured everything would be fine also because clearly there wasn`t any cosmetic in my parcel. Well I was wrong.

After waiting for more than a month my parcel ordered on 11 November 2013, and arrived in Italy December 17, 2013 with a lot of traceability .... which to be honest this time I was penalized more than anything else .... I get the nice letter from the Italian post office with a beautiful sheaf of papers to fill out and send back accompanied with a photocopy of the identity card , social security number, the order invoice and so on and so forth ...It happens already in the past but that time I had left the parcel returned to America and I had requested a refund ..

MORAL? Despite their initial recommendations, they wrote COSMETICS on my parcel so the custom blocked the parcel and ask me for sanitary reasons all the documentation plus they will charge me for more money. .... I complained with them because they promised me that they would not have written it but it is obvious that I have taken into lap. I would have been tempted to send it back to the sender but I no longer will cover paypal nor the inclination to wait for a refund impossible

So I spent 41 + 4.65 for postage + registered post I will update you on what they ask me to clear my package if it ever will .. nice way to throw the money ... I wished someone had shared these things when I did my initial research on the Italian blog .. but obviously when ship products for free to review these mistakes do not happen .. I thought it was only right that at least someone knew that there can be problems .

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