Corn On The Cob

4 years ago

I think corn season has come, since theres plenty of corn at the grocery store at a decent price. I have always loved corn since I was a young child, but of course it had to be the sweet kind. I never found unsweetened corn to taste as good as sweet corn. There are quite a number of people I know who rub butter all over their corn on the cob. But I have always found it to be too oily for my liking. However, I do enjoy butter on my popcorn.

This cob of corn was very juicy and sweet; just how I like it! One thing I dislike about eating corn is that they have those tiny stringy things all over it. I like to call it corn hair ha. Another thing I dislike is when corn gets stuck between my teeth. It is a very uncomfortable feeling and its kind of gross to go and clean it out. I remember as a child, my Mother used to take a knife and cut the kernels into a bowl, so it would be easier for me to eat. It sure brings back great memories. Now that I think of it, I think Im going to bring some corn over to her tonight.

<strong>Do you enjoy eating corn?</strong>

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