Cordial Blueberries by Queen Anne

5 years ago

These are Cordial Blueberries by Queen Anne. These are a relatively new item in the cordial cherry line. Queen Anne for years has manufactured cordial cherries in both milk and dark chocolate. About a year ago I saw them release these cordial blueberries and have wanted to try them, but just hadnt given them a shot because they are over $2 a box at my local market. While at Walgreens I picked up a box for 99 cents on the clearance shelf to share with my boyfriend, since he loves the cherry version. While I was sleeping he actually opened the box and was eating them so the next day I saw the box and was like Hey! I wanted to photograph those! haha me and my Luuux influenced oddities. Anyways!

These are very similar to the cordial cherries if you have ever had them. Its a milk chocolate shell, while the inside has a blueberry at the center and instead of it being an ooey gooey cream, its a thicker cream. They are sweet, but they are not nearly as sweet as the cherry version. Two of the cordial blueberry chocolates is a serving and honestly, you an eat both and not feel like whoa I just had a sugar overload. Theyre really good! So good I picked up another box at Walgreens the other day since they are still only 99 cents on clearance

<em>Have you ever tried the Queen Anne Cordial Blueberries?</em>

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