Coral Me Crazy (Or Not)

2 years ago

Heyy Luuuxers,

So it`s been a while (2 years!) since I last posted something on here. Then again it`s not like I was missed or anything, not a lot of people see my posts anyway, but I do enjoy doing stuff like this. The blogging I mean. I wish I could be a really blogger, but unfortunately college is keeping me busy and also busy doing other stuff. Anyway I thought I`d come on here and post something as I`ve not been on here a while and I`ve missed it. Also because Luuux tells me that If I don`t post anything by tomorrow, my page gets deleted, and I don`t want that to happen, I love it on here. :D

So I am really excited to show you guys my little outfit thing I put together. So here it is. As you can hopefully see in my picture there is a small collection of colour matching items.

During the boxing day sales (which is what we have over here in the UK, a day after Christmas) I picked up this beautiful bright Coral-ish reddish orange blazer from Zara. When I saw the blazer it was practically screaming `buy me!` so I did :D The colour is just beautiful, so Summery! I love bright colours, I can`t wait to wear the blazer.

Ever since then I have had this little obsession of trying to buy little pieces to go with it. I`ve done this before with a jade green top I have, but that`s another story.

Do you guys ever do that? Buy something in a colour then buy other things in the same colour to match it? Or is it just me?

Sometime in early January I went shopping with my mum and we went in to a clothing store called Monsoon. I saw this bag that I thought would go perfectly with the Jacket but I wasn`t sure if the colour would match perfectly or not, so for ages I`ve been meaning to go in with my blazer and colour match it. About two weeks ago, I finally went in with my blazer and colour matched it to the bag, and it was an almost perfect match. Like I said, I love bright colours, so I was over the moon when I found out that they matched very well.

Next thing I ended up doing, I went into Boots (the UK equivalent of a drug store for beauty supplies, like Ulta, Sephora, Target etc.) and I was just looking around at makeup, and I unintentionally spotted a coral nail polish from Revlon that I thought would go perfectly with the blazer and bag. The colour of the nail polish is shade 990 `ONE PERFECT CORAL`. The next thing I did was I started to look for a lipstick to match, I ended up picking up the REVLON colourburst Matte Balm in the shade 240 `STRIKING SPECTACULARE`. Unforutunately the lipstick doesn`t match 100% perfectly, it`s more of a red lipstick then a reddish orange which is what I was going for.

That reminds me... I`ve just remembered. A few weeks before I even purchased the bag (I had a feeling that the bag would match the blazer anyway though I did colour match it just to be safe), and before I even purchased the revlon pieces. I purchased a lip liner from Chanel, which I purchased intentionally to match the blazer. I was planning on wearing the lip liner alone as I know you can do that with makeup :D I purchased the CHANEL LE CRAYON LÉVRES precision lip definer in shade 92 `CAPUCINE`, which is from the spring 2015 collection. It`s a beautiful reddish orange lip pencil with a, what I`d say is a frosty, pearly finish. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it, as I`ve just remembered that I purchased it, right now as I am typing this up. I could retake the picture again, but I am going out soon and it is currently 5:14 in the afternoon and it`s quite dull and grey outside and the lighting in my room wouldn`t do much justice on the items anyways. Plus I am quite happy with the picture I took earlier on :D which I probably couldn`t recreate. This is what I consider a good picture, for someone with ameture photography skills, someone such as myself.

I actually can`t wait to wear this outfit together. Though the colours are quite summery, I`m hoping to wear it in spring. 2 reasons. 1) I`m actually really excited to wear this outfit and I think it would look pretty in spring 2) I`m desperate to wear bright colours again, can`t wait for `winter ` or whatever you call this dull British weather, to be over so I can leave the dark colours behind and break out all the bright colours! Then again I`d happily wear bright colours all year round, Buut unfortunately the common colour trends for each season don`t comply with my own favourite colours. Oh well. Almost spring soon so will be able to wear this outfit. Might do an OOTD when I wear this.

Anyway enough of me `talking`, what do you guys think of this idea? would you call me crazy? or do you guys do this too?

Let me know, I am curious as to how many people do this with their clothing, matching stuff up.

See you all soon,

Samara xxx

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