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3 years ago

At Luuux, we are very concerned with protecting copyright policies. This announcement is intended to clarify the policy we take on copyright and its possible infringements.

Luuux is a site where users can earn money by sharing content about different subjects. This content can be in the form of original photos, videos and stories or it can be referenced material.

In order to ensure that due credit is given to owners of content used on Luuux, we require that users must provide source links if they reference content that is not their own. If no source link is provided, the user must acknowledge ownership of the content.

In the case of images and videos, unoriginal content is defined as any image or video that was not taken by the user.

In the case of text, we accept referenced content if due credit is given to the original source but we disallow copying of text from an external source.

In order to ensure that users are using source links correctly, we have blocked certain urls - including search engines.

Also we ask not to take screenshots of websites etc. and use these as posts pictures, find the original URL link and use the picture directly and make sure you add it to the source link. Or, even better just take your own picture.

Collages of different images are acceptable as long as source links are included in the body of the post.

We strive to be a community that rewards original material, but not one that rewards stealing or copying content. If you find content on Luuux that has been used in an unauthorized manner, please notify us by using the report function and referring to the original source of the content. We will then investigate and act upon your issue as quickly as possible.

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