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4 years ago

I heard about Copious through LUUX`s very own Holly Ann! It`s an online marketplace network where you can buy from other sellers and even set up items for you to sell as well. I`m still learning about the website but I wanted to let you all know about the free $10 credit you get when you sign up with an invitation link (link posted down below). Sign up is completely free and $10 autoamtically goes into your copious credit. Upon check out there will be a link to apply how much of your copious credit you want to apply. You do need to edit your credit card information because there`s a minimum charge of $0.01 (it`s a part of their policy). So for example you pay for something that is $8.00, $0.01 get`s charged on your card and $7.99 on your copious credit. You can also purcahse something exceeding the $10 limit and you pay the remaining balance just like with any other giftcard. I linked off my youtube video if you guys wanted to hear more about it or see the necklace I purchase in further detail. It would mean a lot if you subscribed there as well!

<strong><em>What I purchased</strong></em> A gorgeous victorian antique gold necklace from the seller "SEV." love her style! look her up on copious if you`re interested in buying from her and use your credit towards your purchase! :) there`s also a ton of other things that are for sale, have fun online shopping!!

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Have you used or heard of copious? What have you purchased? Do you plan on signing up?

<strong><em>Youtube Link:</strong></em>;feature=plcp

<strong<em>Copious Invite:</strong></em>
*First 40 friends receive the $10 credit so act fast! :)

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