Cooltan Tan Through Swimwear Review

Being someone that`s bothered and annoyed by tan lines, an advertisement for Cooltan`s tan through products immediately caught my eye. Cooltans claim is that their products work like to a medium strength sunscreen, acting like a sunscreen with a low enough spf to still get a tan. In addition to bikinis, Cooltan sells a variety of products including golf shirts and swimsuits for men. I decided to give one a try. (1st pic is from website, 2nd is my own)
I got the triangle top & string bottom bikini in the pattern "Honey". This cost $54.90 (not including shipping), which isn`t cheap but isn`t ridiculous either. I got a size 5, which is the smallest size (I`m 5`6" and weigh just over 100 lbs.)
The first thing I noticed was that the material is very thin, and becomes pretty transparent in water. It wasn`t noticeable on the bottoms but it was on the top, so that was a big negative. Maybe this wouldn`t be an issue with a darker suit, but I definitely wouldn`t wear this anywhere but my own backyard pool. I also noticed it wasn`t an extremely flattering suit. The bottoms aren`t bad, but there is a bit of extra material between the legs and I didn`t think the top was too flattering. I do like the pattern though, although it isn`t as bright as was shown on the website. I wish there was a way to only buy the bottoms, because I definitely liked them better.
However, I was impressed with how the product worked. I tanned with no sunscreen on (the website recommends that if you want no tan lines to wear an spf of around 6-10 since that`s how the suit will work) and I was able to tan through the suit pretty well. Of course I had slight tan lines because I didn`t wear sunscreen, and there were also slight lines where the seams of the bikini was (since the material is folded over for the hem there) but it definitely made a difference.
Bottom line: I WOULD recommend this suit if you`re someone that cares a lot about tan lines and you plan to remedy the see through top problem by trying a dark suit or not getting in the water, but I would NOT recommend this suit to someone who cares more about looking good in their suit than tan lines.

Link to Cooltan below! Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

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