Cool Water Fountain at Osaka Station City Shopping Mall

Fountains are pretty useless except that they`re pretty to look at most of the time and keep us cool. But there`s a pretty useful water fountain at Osaka Station City Shopping Mall in Japan. Japan has all the cool gadgets, advancing technology and now a really cool water display water fountain! The water fountain not only drips water but drips out the time, words, beautiful patterns (like flower, leaves, swirls, and so forth). This is a water fountain that I`d like in my backyard or something, it looks very calming to look at because it`s of different patterns-- I wonder how the designer designed this water fountain. The lights seen to be involved?

<strong>Would it be more useful if water fountains could tell us the time, directions on what side we are at the mall or gate or something, look pretty?</strong> I`d like that, this seems like a super cool water fountain- something you`d see in like Las Vegas. Las Vegas does have a huge waterfall like this but it`s just a waterfall, doesn`t tell time or comes out pretty patterns just yet.. maybe in the future.

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