Cool ramen trick!

4 years ago

Ramen is quick and easy to make. It also tastes delicious! But did you know that instead of always having to slurp the noodles, you can take the cover off the ramen cup and make a cool bowl? These tips will teach you how.

1. Gently peel off the paper cover of your instant noodle cup.

2. One side should be aluminum and the other should be the side with the writing and the design. Fold the circular paper cover in half, with the aluminum sides touching each other and the design still on the outside.

3. Fold it again in half, to make it half circular v-shaped. (> like this.

4. Now open up your "bowl" by pulling ONE side of the aluminum faces and squeeze it to make a hollow. You should end up with an ice-cream cone styled bowl, with the bottom being sharp and triangular pointy and the top being an open circular hole.

5. Scoop your noodles into the "bowl", and enjoy! ^^

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