Cool dogs for cool people: Clark W. Griswold

2 years ago

This is my puppy Clark. He is a dachshund shiztzu mix and is the sweetest thing ever! I had never seen a dog that looked like this before him and I knew I HAD TO have him! Even though I lived in apartment that didn`t allow dogs and couldn`t afford him at the time, I bought him anyway and have never looked back. He is the snuggliest, lovingest, most gentle dog and always knows when someone is upset. He is my at-home therapy dog! I just love this little guy to pieces!

He is a 2 year old chocolate pup, has blond highlighted brown hair, brown paws and even brown lips! His eyes are this fantastic gold color that reminds me of what the vampire`s eyes of Twilight SHOULD look like. You can see it fairly well in one of the photos, but they are much more vibrant in sunlight (as are vampires)

I named him after a character in one of my favorite movies, National Lampoon`s Vacation. I have seen this movie countless times and thought of the name way before I even considered getting a dog. I think Clark even shares the Chevy Chase version of wanting the whole family to be happy. He is always very concerned if someone around him is upset and loves to jump on your lap and lick you until you smile...or shove him off. Haha.

Likes: barking, playing tug-o-war with ratty old toys, chasing the ball, laying in the grass when he is supposed to be on a walk, attacking plastic bags, eating sticks, celery, pretty much all table food he is given, keeping guard of the back yard and front door through the screen and getting a nice massage from whomever will pet him

Dislikes: getting told no, not being able to fit underneath things to get his lost bone (this makes him really mad), car doors slamming late at night, and the fish in the fishtank that no matter how close his nose seems to get he can never quite figure out how to get to and probably eat

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