Cool Cuts 4 Kids WARNING!!

5 years ago

Some may not agree with me but I took my son to Cool Cuts 4 Kids located in Brea, CA. Ok straight out, this place is flithy!

The place might be kid friendly because there are bunch of toys and fun colors like Lego colors, but as far as service, professionalism and styling techniques it an absolute disaster!

1. The older blonde stylist called my sons name and she told me to sit my son on a yellow car. I get there and there are hair chunks everywhere, EVERYWHERE, I am standing there, you are not going to clean this? She came to the station and took a sanitizing wipe and with barely touching motion she wiped the car.
2. The stylish, tried to give my 1 year old son a candy so he stays quiet. She basically did not want to deal with a crying baby. (Seriously, why are you working at a Kids salon if you do not want to deal with crying kids???)
3. Hair cut costs $20 I think and I tipped her $3.00, I got my hair cut at a local hair salon (Lee Ki Ja in Rowland Heights) she charged me $10.00. Well, if you are going to charge $20.00 I pretty much expect that you are a professional kid stylist. From my experience with the blond older lady, she is definitely not a professional. She literally took 1 minute cutting my sons hair. She didnt even check if his cut was even.
4. I took my sons out of the chair and notices, chunks of Blonde hair all over his pants, Im talking CHUNKS!!! Obviously, this was not his hair chunks; my son has dark dark brown hair. Im sorry but that is just gross.
5. I gave my son a bath when I got home and when his hair was dry, it was so crooked. I think I could have done a better job cutting his hair with my left hand.

FINAL VERDIT: Just dont take your kids here, if you kid is older, maybebut as far as taking your baby to this salon FORGET IT. Dont get suckered in by the ambiance and the name of the shop. You can find much professional stylist probably at your local salon. MOMS DO NOT TAKE YOUR BABIES HERE unless you dont mind having other kids old hair chunks all over your babys clothing and you dont mind 1 minute TOTALLY crooked haircut.

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