Cool black and white Skechers.

Howdy Luuux Fashion Universe! I haven`t posted in such a long time here. Well... on this universe that is. I wanna brag and show off a little these shoes that I saw. Well... let me try the remix on that, not show off because I didn`t buy them, but rather share with you! But still brag about it. lol.

I went to the mall just like two days ago and my friend Zully wanted to go in to the Skechers store. I don`t usually go in there, to be honest with you. I usually buy my Skechers from Macy`s, because they`re on sale often there.

She picked these up and I just had to pull out my Ipod (which I recently got from the Luuux shop, might I add) and take pics to share with you all.

I was always told when I used to worked for a modeling agency as their assistant prom. dir. that you can never go wrong with black and white. Man... is it so true. I just love this shoe design. I could use these with most of my clothes without worrying of whether they go or if they don`t.

What do you Luuuxers of the Fashion Universe think of these! Let me know.

My picture, DO NOT take.

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