Cool and Weird Clocks!

4 years ago

1. The turntable clock: it is made out of a recycled turntable and record, but just has hands and hidden mechanism to make it an awesome clock! Great if you lobe retro things!
2. RND Clock: RND time clock stands for random, as you can see. You can stick the numbers wherever you want, but it makes it pretty hard to see the time!
3. Whatever Clock: This is for the people who want read the time, but in a sense that they can`t be bothered. I quite like the concept of this one.
4. Melting clock: Inspired by Dali`s painting, this clock gives the effect that it is melting and can hand from any shelf, and still works like a normal quartz clock even though it has a really messed up shaped which is cool.
5. Mhin Clock: This is probably one of the most modern and advanced looking clocks you will find.
6. The Meaning Of Time: This is my favourite clock. You insert any things you like into the hours and minutes holes (eg. pencils like on the picture) and it will act as hands!
7. Colourblind Clock: If you are colourblind, this clock will not work for you. But if you are not, you will see numbers hidden in the circles. Cool huh?
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