Cookies n creme chocolate

4 years ago

While my boyfriend and I were at the store to buy ingredients for our s`mores, we came across Hershey`s cookies n creme chocolate in the candy aisle! I immediately grabbed it off the shelf! I haven`t had this chocolate in forever. I seriously forgot how it tasted like!

It melted sitting on my hot counter, so we put it in the fridge. We used it in some of our s`mores and it was pretty good. The cookies n creme chocolate didn`t taste that good to me like it used to! Oh well. Tastes and preferences change I guess.

We got this for pretty cheap. It was only $1 and some change.

The chocolate has lots and lots of little dark cookies in it. If you flip it on its back you can see them all. They are one of my favorite things about this chocolate! It`s yummy and crunchy.

Have you tried this?

-Picture is mine.

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