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Cookies who dont like them I mean I really like them every time I go to the store I always buy them big chewy chocolate chip cookies but always wonder how do they make them and after a long of trying I found this recipe works and taste great so I hope you enjoy making and eating them.

-12 tbsp of softened unsalted butter -1 cup of golden brown sugar -½ cup of white sugar -1 whole egg
-1 egg yolk -Tbsp of vanilla extract -2 cups of flour -½ tsp of baking soda -½ tsp of salt -2 cups of chocolate chips

1. Melt the butter
2. Into the butter add all the brown and white sugar and mix together well.
3. Wisk a whole egg and an egg yolk together with vanilla extract.
4. Next slowly add the egg mixture into the butter and sugar.
5. Mix it together well and the flour.
6. Make sure you mix this together really well and then add in the chocolate chips and mix well.
7. Leave the dough to cool in the fridge for about an hour.
8. Take the dough out of the fridge and using an ice cream scoop of two tablespoons makes balls of the dough and place on a baking tray.
9. Cook the cookies until the edges have turned brown but dont leave them in for too long or the will become too hard. They should just take about 15-20 minutes.
10. Last but not least just take out of oven and Leave to cool and the best part enjoy.
These cookies do contain a lot of sugar and butter so if its too much for you just decrease them a bit but it should be fine and I hope you enjoy making them. I know there not healthy but if you were looking for something healthy then you would be make carrots and vegetables. What are your favourite types of cookies?
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