Cookie Butter!

5 years ago

YES! You read that right... COOKIE BUTTER!, this stuff is absolutely delicious! I had never heard of it until Christmas. One of my sisters gave some to the family, along with some other items. Seems like a strange gift to receive...but I`m glad we did! Had she not given us this, I would have probably never known about it. What a sad!

We`ve heard of butter-butter, peanut butter, apple butter, pumpkin butter... but this is COOKIE butter! That`s gotta be the best kind of butter! :-) RIGHT?! I bet even Paula Deen would give this one a thumbs up!

Okay, so this has the coloring and texture of peanut butter. I first tried it just by itself on a spoon. I was thinking it wasn`t going to be anything special. Boy was I wrong! It tastes JUST like one of the best gingerbread cookies you`ve ever had... in creamy spread form! It is thick and creamy like a peanut butter would be...very stick-to-the-roof-of-your-mouth-esque, but then it has the teeny, tiniest granules of what I`m assuming are ground up gingerbread cookie. Oh man, it is heaven!

The side of the jar says "All you have to do is taste it to understand!" Amen to that... it is so true! One taste and you`ll be hooked.

It also says you can use this on things like waffles, sandwiches, dipping pretzels into, etc... I`m going to tell you my favorite way is straight from the dang jar, by the spoonful! HECK YES! NOM NOM NOM NOM! My other sister (not the one who bought this) says it is really good on waffles. I did buy waffles to try that, but haven`t done so yet.. I`m still enjoying it much too much by the spoonful! :-D

You can get this at Trader Joe`s and from what I have found online, it runs about $3.99 so not bad at all. Its worth picking up to try, which I highly recommend.

If you haven`t tried this yet, you have GOT to get on board with me.. it is one of the best things you`ll ever put into your mouth! (hmm, that reads bad...) :-P

(hahaha, have you ever seen a food post from me that has been so passionate about a FOOD item? HAHAHAHAHA, that tells you how dang good this is)


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