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4 years ago

Even though yesterday was a holiday, most Asian malls, restaurants and bakeries were open =)

So I went to an Asian bakery with my boyfriend because I really wanted egg tarts.

I actually had to wait 30 minutes for these egg tarts because they were just baking them. They were that good! Within 15 minutes, all the egg tarts were gone because there was a huge line-up for them.

The bakery sells 4 types of egg tarts - Portuguese Egg Tart which has burnt sugar on top, Pastry Egg Tart which is yellow and has a flakey crispy shell, Pastry Egg White Tart which is white and has the same crispy shell and Cookie Shell Egg Tart which was the one pictured.

I really don`t like flakey crispy shell because they use an excessive amount of butter and lard to create the flakiness. It`s way too fattening. The cookie shell egg tarts are about 120 calories each while the pastry shell ones are about 180-200 each. That may not seem like a big difference, but most people eat more than 2 egg tarts in one sitting. That`s where the difference stands.

I love these egg tarts because the cookie shell was actually baked to taste like a sugar cookie =D The texture was amazing and they didn`t skimp on the filling. Most places give you a lot of crust and very little filling. This one was a very deep egg tart with a lot of filling, it was almost 2 inches deep of the egg tart filling! That`s a lot! And the filling itself was not so sweet and tasted exactly like pudding. Delicious!

I love eating my egg tarts cold for some odd reason so it tasted more like pudding than a tart. The best part was, it was baked fresh =)

What do you guys think?

*photo is mine*


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