Cook with what you got kind of Gumbo!

5 years ago

South Louisiana weather changes soo much! It`ll be hot one day and the next cold and rainy. Sunday, was a cold and rainy day. -__-

Anyways, On Sunday, my mom asked me what I wanted to eat. I told her something soupy and warm. It didn`t matter to me what it was and started naming random food. Of all the food items I named she chose to make gumbo because we had a good amount of ingredients to make already at home and no one wanted to leave the house.

The gumbo in the picture is not how my family`s gumbo usually is. This gumbo is lacking in many major ingredients but you got to cook with what you got right? The gumbo I had for Sunday night dinner contained shrimp, chicken, sausages, and okra. Which is not enough for me! I like my gumbo to be thick with lots of seafood, mainly crawfish and crab! NOM NOM NOM!!

What is gumbo? Well like you see in the picture it`s similar to soup and eaten with rice. You want to have more of the soup than the rice or the rice will soak up the water. Gumbo is very famous and well loved in Louisiana. If you ever visit Louisiana you better hope to try some. =D

>> I`ll post up a more hearty picture of gumbo in the future. Maybe once crawfish season is at its peak.

<strong>What did you eat for Sunday`s dinner? Have you ever tried gumbo? Have you ever visited Louisiana?</strong>

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