Cont...Use Clean Candle Holder As Storage

This is a continuation from my previous post about cleaning out waxy residue out of your candle holder. I wanted to split it into two, because I had so many pictures to upload.
Here is how it looks after it`s been cleaned and if you look carefully, you can see that I`m holding up a piece of cardboard behind the container. This is what I`m going to use to create dividers.
1. Cut cardboard
Luckily for me, this random piece of white cardboard was already a good height for the jar.
All I had to do was cut two pieces that were the same length as the diameter of the container.
2. Snip the cardboard down the middle until you reach the halfway point. Do the same to the 2nd piece of cardboard.
3. Cross the cardboard pieces where the incisions were made and create this ninja star looking thing. The stiffness of the cardboard and the perpendicular angles should allow your `ninja star` to stand up on its own.
4. Insert into the container. It should fit quite snugly and hold firmly, but since it`s only cardboard, you can reshape it as you wish.
I now have a container divided into 4 compartments... Now, watch me fill it with lots of crap...
You can see that my mascaras take up a lot of space and have pushed that one piece of cardboard leftward. I`m glad that I used cardboard for this, because if they were traditional hard, acrylic dividers, I wouldn`t have the flexibility to reshape the compartments like I did here.
It`s a little hard to see, but it`s sort of organized.
Going clockwise from the top right:
1. Mascaras,
2. Eye Shadow Primers & Nyx Jumbo Pencils
3. Pencil Eyeliners & 1 Eyebrow Pencil
4. Liquid Eyeliners and the Wnw Eye Lash Serum Duo

I thought that this would be a nice visual of the end result. However, to be honest, I am a little embarrassed. More cosmetic products than I need and the result of accumulation over the years.

Anywho, the most helpful piece of information I took away from this super simple...project (if I can call it that) was that freezing the candle holder helps remove wax residue! I hope this helps others. Thank you for stopping by!

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