Controversial ingridient: face moisturizer with cloned fetal cells

4 years ago

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More than ten years ago, Lona Lyda had beaten breast cancer. Due to chemotherapy she suffered extremely dry skin. A dermatologist recommended a cream called NeoCutis.

In 2008, a few years later, she made a shocking discovery on the Internet. "They cut a small piece of skin of an aborted boy in tiny pieces and developed their stem cell line" exclaims the former cancer patient from the manufacturer.

The TV channel Fox Carolina researched more and found the allegations largely confirmed. According to a study by the manufacturer, a married couple from Switzerland in 2004, had to face the diagnosis that her unborn child was not viable because the male fetus was suffering from a deformity of the brain. The brain stem and the retina were not trained properly. The parents decided to have an abortion and donated cells of the fetus to some scientists. These were then turned into cloned proteins and used for NeoCutis face moisturizer.

Lona Lyda is outraged that she was not informed about it, but admits that she did not really ask. "I have heard all these great experiences about how good this cream feels, but never was told. `Oh, your cream contains fetal cells`"

The bioethicist Dr. Charles Kay from Wofford College, points out that many doctors simply did not know how a drug is developed in its early development phase. He also refers to the information required by the manufacturer with respect to physician and patient.

NeoCutis makes no secret of the ingredients of the cream. According to the distributor Carolina Aesthetics leaflet calls attention to what was in the cream. Then one could read on the tube, the abbreviation "PSP". The manufacturer says that this is the abbreviation for "processed skin cell proteins". On the website of NeoCutis it says: "We respect different points of view on medical research and the development of medical and cosmetic products. However, it is important that the discussion is happening on an accurate and well-informed understanding of the origin, production and use. "

Lona Lyda is not satisfied. "For me it`s aborted boy`s skin. I know it was just a little bit of his skin, but I still had his skin on my face, "said the woman.

This story really freaked me out a bit..
What would you guys have thought if you found out that stem cells of an aborted boy were in your face moisturizer?
do you think that products like that should be allowed?

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