Control Your Dreams with Sleep Mask

4 years ago

Remember watching the movie <em>Inception</em> and how Leonardo DiCaprio and his gang could control dreams within dreams? Well, this <strong>Remee Lucid Dreaming mask</strong> takes you a step close to achieving that.

For $95, you can be in complete control of you dreaming. That means you can finally be dating that extra hot celebrity you have a crush on. You can even commit crimes! Well, I mean, I didn`t really say that.... But imagine all the possibilities! I would probably dream that I have a house full of puppies.

To help you control you dreams, the Remee mask flashes light patterns in your eyes when you`re asleep. Although not bright enough to wake you, it does alert you to the fact you are dreaming. Doing so helps you become lucid. Then you can do anything you want without consequence! Avoid dying in your dreams though. I think that is always bad.

But really, you can easily make your own mask to help you lucid dream.

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