Connecticut Elementary School Shooting!!

4 years ago

I am sure by now, you all have heard about the school shooting at a small area in Newton, Connecticut. This happened yesterday around 9:40 am. It is honestly heart-breaking!

If you did not know, or don`t know the details, just search it and you will find the information.

But to give you to shortened tragic rundown, a man went into a elementary school and killed 20 kids! as well as staff members! The amount of emotional pain I feel for those victims, especially the kids, is so heart aching to hear.

This is such a traumatic event, the kids and staff that did make it out will have to deal with, for the rest of their lives. I can only hope they will find security.

It has been reported that the age ranges for the death of the kids is 5 to 10 years old! I can`t even put into words, what those kids may have been feeling in that moment. Fear, is a understatement. Only the good die young.

Please give your thoughts and prayers to those parents, friends, or family members who lost someone in this event! This is a parents worst nightmare.

"Our heats are broken today.." -Barack Obama speaking on the shooting 10/14/12

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