Confetti Cake Batter Ice Cream

4 years ago

This is a treat I had last week. My boyfriend and I had an appointment to head to and since we were early, we decided to head on down the road to the ice cream parlor. He ordered himself a black raspberry frappe and I ordered myself a small <strong>Confetti Cake Batter ice cream</strong>. I ordered it in a cup since it was a warm day and I didn`t want to WEAR my ice cream, plus I rather it in a cup with a cone because I like to eat my ice cream in my odd little fashion. The ice cream itself is a vanilla based ice cream that is flavored to taste JUST like cake batter and the confetti part? It`s colored jimmies/rainbow sprinkles inside the ice cream. Soooo good! It`s my favorite flavored ice cream from this particular ice cream parlor.

Have you ever had cake flavored ice cream?

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