Confession of a Shopaholic NEEDS YOUR HELP!!!

4 years ago

Hi fellow luuuxers. So, I need as much opinion or vote that I can get to help me decide this little or big delimma I have right now.

I`ve been having this delimma for a while now, as we all do we LIKE to go shopping and add some clothing pieces into our wadrobe or closet, especially during change of season. Well since I don`t have a big massive closet I can`t fit every clothing old or new that I own, I am the type of person that can`t let go of old things or clothing because I am always thinking "oh maybe I can wear this next year season or so on" FAQ: I don`t buy alot of expensive clothing because I know for a FAQ that I change my style every season, week, days, months etc.

So should I let go of my OLD clothing that I don`t even wear or does not fit me anymore? :(

I value everyone opinion. So comment down below or LIKE if YES I should let them go.

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