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2 years ago

Hi luuuxers,

I`ve been keen on getting myself a lighted make-up mirror for a while now. I usually do my make-up in my bedroom, but my light fixture is behind my dresser mirror, so when I try to apply make-up, I cast a shadow making it too dark.

One of my favourite youtubers, xsparkage, recently mentioned how she bought a lighted make-up mirror at costco for around 15 dollars, and she was really happy with it. However, I know that inventory at US and Canadian Costco locations is different.

So on my next trip to Costco, I decided to check out what they had. I did manage to find a lighted mirror that was very similar to the one I had in mind, but it is almost 40 dollars! I was going to skip it and see if I could find a cheaper one, but my dad, knowing how long i`ve been looking for a good mirror like this decided to buy it for me! He said that it was easier to buy this mirror for me rather than have to install a new light fixture above my mirror which was going to be the next solution in case this didn`t work LOL.

I`m super happy with this mirror -It has a normal side, as well as a magnified side which gives you a real up close and personal look at your face. You see every pore, every stray eyebrow hair you may have missed, every dry patch - you see it all! Lol
But it`s great, because you can deal with it properly! Lol

The light also has different setting for a really bright light when tweezing or things like that and a more natural light for when you apply your make-up.

Even at 40 dollars, I would still totally recommend this mirror -It`s a great too for any vanity! But if you can get the cheaper version at US Costco, all the better lol

Do you have a lighted make-up mirror? Where/how do you apply your make-up?


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