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2 years ago

During middle school through sophomore in high school I didn`t have any zits. My friends would say to me what do you do to have flawless skin. Well, I always tell them you have to wash your face at least once a day and especially if your using makeup. I would wash my face every night before I go to bed.

The first thing I would do is splash water on my face then lay a hot towel for 10 minutes. With the hot towel on your face it will open up the pores. Right after that I would use face wash soap. When I rinsed of all the soap of my face I would lay a cold towel for 5 minutes. When Im done with my process I feel fresh and clean.

It was a hassle waiting for the water to boil. I also had to wait for the towel to cool down so it won`t be burning hot. I heard of a thing called a facial sauna. I thought it will make things more easier and I wouldn`t be too lazy to start doing it everyday again.

I bought the Conair Facial Sauna System with Timer on Amazon. I needed a new one and this one was a good deal. It was recommended by a friend. My friend said that this was a good price and it works wonderfully. So far I`m not having any problems with it. I was a little concerned at first because of the price. I was worry that it was going to be a cheap quality product or it will brake in just of few weeks. I got the Facial Sauna a couple of weeks ago and its working just fine. I love the timer because when you set the time it will turn off on its own. The Conair Facial Sauna also came with facial brush tool that is meant to exfoliate and sponge for applying moisturizer.

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