Computer wires are expensive...

<em>In my parents` house we have an office "computer room", the office has my huge L-shaped desk that takes up majority of the room and my parents` desk which is behind me. My parents have been enjoying way too much Vietnamese dramas that I can`t do my homework so I decided to move their computer out of the room.</em>

At first, I moved their computer monitor in too but they want to watch television also so why not just use the LED monitor as a computer and monitor? Well, to do that I had to buy a new cable because the cable from the computer tower to monitor is different. I went to Walmart and this cable was $20 by a Belkin. I thought at Best Buy it would be cheaper because the store is specialized in computer accessories but actually it was more expensive. It came out to be almost $27 including tax for this freaking cable. It`s a Dynex VGA Display Cable.

The cable does serve it`s purpose. I was able to connect the computer tower to the LED monitor and switch from computer to television.

If you`re looking for computer cables or any accessories: I wouldn`t recommend Best Buy, it`s a huge rip off. Go there to find what you need then buy it online.

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