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5 years ago

Hey guys!

About 2 weeks ago I purchased the NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer and I promised a review on it, but never put one up. In this post Ill give a mini review, and also inform you about the great things that happen when you complain to the right people.
<strong>Review- </strong>
Just to give you the very basic idea of the product, it is a foundation primer. This means that it should prepare the skin for foundation, and make the foundation last longer. It does neither of those things. Instead, it adds an extreme amount of glitter and shimmer to your face. NOT an attractive look. It isnt illuminating its just glitter on your face. (Remember Edward Cullen in the sunlight from the Twilight movie? That wasnt special effects that they used, they just spread some NYC Smooth Skin Primer all over him.)

<strong>And now about complaining. </strong>
Because I was so disappointed with the product, I decided to write to the company. I was just writing to them so that the next time they come out with a primer, they ditch the glitter. I was writing simply to make suggestions, not to be rude (Always remember this when contacting a company. The person that is handling your letter is not the person that created your problemso make sure to be polite!).
This is the response that I received:
<em>Dear Abby:

Thank you for telling us about your dissatisfaction. We`re sorry to hear you`ve had this experience with our New York Color Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer.

You do not need to return the product to us. If you should have another problem with a Coty product in the future, however, we will ask you to return it to us for evaluation.

We hope you enjoy the complimentary product you will be receiving within 10-12 business days and that future purchases of Coty brands meet your expectations. </em>

Not only did they seem to appreciate my feedback, but they even sent me items to make up for my dissatisfaction. How nice is that??! Thanks Coty Inc!!
They sent me a Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer and a sample a Roberto Cavalli perfume, both of which are great products.

<strong> Have you ever considered writing to a company about your experience with their products? What was the outcome? Let me know in the comments!</strong>

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