Complimentary Chocolate from Macy`s. I love Macy`s. 90-94% off, plus free chocolate!

Ok You Luuux addicts, I have to brag about Macy`s and how I love their sales and to top that off they treat you to free treats like this often!

Recently I was at Macy`s, just randomly felt like shopping. I had been walking around, didn`t see anything I liked, then there it was... a rack of the new brand "BAR III" with "$9.99" over it. I went to it, didn`t think I would find such good things, turns out I got $60.00 sweaters, $50.00 shirt, and other thinner hoodie items for only $9.99!

But wait, I got $50.00 worth of things, so that meant that I got an additional $20.00 off with my coupon. So each thing was really $5.99. You can`t beat that.

To top it off, I got this really good complimentary chocolate covered pretzal. MMM! So good. I got some things up to 94% off or so, and got a free snack out of it! Yum! That`s why I love Macy`s. Everyone thinks it`s so expensive there, but it could be your best friend in the fashion world... and the food universe, as you can see! lol

Have any of you received any of their complimentary food items?

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