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Okay, so I`m an associate at In N Out and before working here, I never knew about all the things you could order at In N Out! But I want to share my now-found knowledge with you all! These are items you can order at ANY In N out. I guarantee it! :) Let`s begin!!


Veggie Burger - Buns, spread, lettuce, tomato, option of onions.

Grilled Cheese - Buns, spread, lettuce, tomato, cheese, option of onions.

3x3 - Buns, Spread, Lettuce, Tomato, option of onions, 3 meat patties, 3 cheese slices.

4x4 - Buns, spread, lettuce, tomato, option of onions, 4 meat patties, 4 cheese slices.

Flying Dutchman - Two slices of cheese in between two meat patties. No bun,spread,lettuce,tomatoes, nothing.

Neapolitan Shake - Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla all in one shake cup.

Now moving on to things that are more `Modifications`.


Animal Style - Any burger or fries you order can be made `Animal style`. On fries, this includes melted cheese, grilled onions and spread. On burgers this includes Mustard Fried (Meat patty grilled with mustard), grilled onions, extra spread and pickles.

Root Beer Float - Root beer with vanilla shake mixed it. Sounds yummy huh? (:

Protein Style - Any burger that you order protein style will be wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun. No bread, just lettuce.

Chopped onions - If you like your burger with raw onions, you can order raw CHOPPED onions instead of whole ones.

Grilled onions - When they ask if you want onions, ordering grilled onions will result in a burger with chopped, grilled onions.

Whole grill onions - If you life the whole onion rings but also like them grilled, then you can order this and they`ll grill the whole onion for you.

Fries well - If you order this, they`ll cook your fries a little longer to make then crispier. Very popular order.

No salt/Extra salt/Light salt - You can order your fries or burgers with no salt, light salt or extra salt.

Ingredients that you didn`t know you could add to your burgers:
- Pickles
-Sliced Chilies
- Extra meat patties, cheese slices, etc.

These are the basics, but in general In N Out doesn`t have a real concrete `Secret Menu`. This company is completely customer service oriented and any special requests, additions or changes you make to your order, there`s a good chance that they`ll do it for you. This could include anything from cutting your burger in half, or ordering just a meat patty. Trust me, I`ve seen it done.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy your new found knowledge of the In N Out menu! There`s absolutely no company that uses better ingredients or is more geared towards making there customers 100% satisfied! When you eat here, you`re in GREAT hands!!

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