Comparison Swatches: Light Purple Nail Polishes

5 years ago

This is something I`ve been meaning to do for a while, but I recently got some nail wheels in the mail, which I think make this easier. I swatched my light/light-medium purple nail polishes so you can see how they compare to one another. I know they look a lot alike when they aren`t side by side, so I`m hoping this will help show the differences. I used two coats of each polish.

<strong>Nail Polishes:</strong>
1. Zoya `Marley`
2. Essie `To Buy Or Not To Buy`
3. Essence `Dress for a Moment`
4. Essie `Nice is Nice`
5. OPI `Rumple`s Wiggin`
6. Revlon `Lily`
7. Essie `Bangle Jangle`
8. Essence `No More Drama`
9. Revlon `Lilac Pastelle`
10. Orly `Lollipop`
11. OPI `Lucky Lucky Lavender`
12. Models Own `Lilac Dream`
13. NARS `Pokerface`
14. Essie `Play Date`

I would say that the two that are most similar to each other are OPI `Rumple`s Wiggin` and Revlon `Lily.` On the nail, I don`t think you`d be able to tell the difference. They are even closer in color in person than they are in these pictures.

Essie `Bangle Jangle` is quite a bit greyer than the other colors. Revlon `Lilac Pastelle,` Orly `Lollipop,` and OPI `Lucky Lucky Lavender` are much pinker than the other shades, with the OPI being the pinkest.

Models Own `Lilac Dream,` NARS `Pokerface,` and Essie `Play Date` are a bit darker than the rest.

They all have a creme finish except for Zoya `Marley,` which has silver shimmer, Essie `To Buy Or Not To Buy,` which has barely noticeable shimmer, and NARS `Pokerface,` which has the most noticeable shimmer.

I hope this was at least somewhat helpful. If there are any other shades of nail polish that you would like me to compare, just let me know!

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