Comparison between the Former MAC Pigments and the New Ones

4 years ago

Hello Luuuxers !

So first of all, the first difference than came to my mind and that you can actually see is the size.

The former pigment jars were weighting 7,5 grams versus 4,5 grams which means you lost almost half the weight of it and you buy it more expensive... Am I the only one who thinks there is something wrong going on..?

As far as the product or formula is concerned, I could not give a full review on this because I am about to return it to have a new one (because the cap does not hold on) so I will try to compare and see if there is any difference later. I did swatch a little bit on my hand, it looks absolutely gorgeous but did not stay on at all, I hope it will with some glue adhesive on my lids though...

Also, I have had someone working at the MAC Pro Store on the phone and she told me it was ok to exchange the Gold Reflects pigment, yeah! =)

Just so that you know, I live in France and here it is not the same thing as in the United States at all; if you want to exchange an item, you have only 7 days, it must not be open or even a tiny little bit used, and honestly it can be a pain in the butt because you almost have to prove that you did not actually broke it or whatever --`
Fortunately, I explained the situation at the girl and she understood that it was a manufacturing defect. so I should have a brand new and practical one when I go back there!

Stay tuned for some upcoming reviews on this ;)
And thank you for reading ! Have a great one everybody !

*Picture is mine, please do not take it without my permission, thank you*

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