Comparison - the cheap and the expensive canned oysters

5 years ago

Hey luuuxers

So recently i posted about my likes for canned smoked oysters =] i know not everyone likes them.
And i`ve been on a hunt for the best buy - so cheapest but still tasty, i cant substitute money for ssooo in that being said, i know that there are loads of home brand or aka generic brands that are inexpensive yet tasty, so i decided to try whether this is the case for canned oysters

Firstly i want to note that the first three pictures are of the generic brand.. after that comes the most expensive one i could find in the supermarket.

Ok, so size wise, you get MORE in the generic brand, BUT the oysters themselves are smaller in size.
In the expensive brand - you have less in net value, BUT the oysters are larger in size.

Taste? well i could get both of them, it wasn`t like the generic brand was disgusting - but it does have a more fishy taste compared to the expensive brand. So of course i`d prefer the expensive brand in taste.

I also want to note that there was a lot more oil in the expensive brand than the cheaper one. It probably cost less to have less oil but it think it`s more unhealthy to have so much oil in there.

So verdict? i`ll stick to the more expensive one, simply because it tastes better, but they are pretty close.

Let me know:
-do you do this type of research? comparing two brands to find the best bargain?
- are you a fan of canned oysters?

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